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Andrei Șaguna National College (Romanian: Colegiul Național "Andrei Șaguna") is a Romanian state school located in Șcheii Brașovului, a neighbourhood of Brașov. The school educates children aged between 11 (grade 5) and 19 years old (grade 12). It is considered 5th best school in the country (2014, 2015).

Since its founding in 1850, the school has had a number important Romanian personalities either alumni or former teachers. Important names include Ciprian Porumbescu, Dumitru Stăniloae, Gheorghe Dima, Lucian Blaga, Octavian Goga, Titu Maiorescu, Emil Cioran and Vasile Goldiş.

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1, Strada Șirul Mitropolit Andrei Șaguna, Brașov, Brașov, România, 500107

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