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Bananal Island (Portuguese: Ilha do Bananal, IPA: [banaˈnaw]) is a large river island formed from the bisection of the Araguaia River, in southwestern Tocantins, Brazil. The island is formed by a fork in a very flat section of the Araguaia River. Bananal Island is the second largest fluvial island in the world and the largest without an ocean coastline, at 350 kilometres (220 mi) long and 55 kilometres (34 mi) wide. Its total area is 19,162.25 square kilometres (7,398.59 sq mi). The rivers within the island flow parallel to the Araguaia, and the Jaburu do Bananal is the longest river within a river.

Source From: Wikipedia
Lagoa da Confusão, Microrregião de Rio Formoso, TO, Brasil

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