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The Boulevard of Sabana Grande is an important leisure and shopping area located in eastern Caracas in the geographic center of the Metropolitan District of Caracas. It is a pedestrian-only, tree-shaded public space. In 2011, the boulevard of Sabana Grande went through a rehabilitation process, thanks to PDVSA La Estancia. A commercial and financial district, Sabana Grande is the commercial corridor, and a tourist district of Caracas and is visited by an estimated 500 thousand people or more daily. Since the construction of the boulevard, the Sabana Grande district has become the main meeting place of Caracas.. Today, Sabana Grande has stores such as Balú H&M, Apolo Shoes, Brands Shop (Estivaneli-Alcott) Planeta Sports (Levi's), Angely, AISHOP, Mango and others. Many important public works of art are displayed along the boulevard and it is considered an open air museum. The boulevard of Sabana Grande is home to the most important ornithological collection in Latin America, the William Phelps Ornithological Collection. It is the space preferred by the LGBT community and urban tribes. The boulevard of Sabana Grande replaced Abraham Lincoln Avenue. Until the beginning of the 20th century, it was called Calle Real (Royal Street) because it was the town's main road. Sabana Grande was the residence of Jenie Soep Bamberger, one of the most important madams in 20th century Latin America. The first gay march in Venezuela took place in the Sabana Grande district at midnight on June 23, 1997. City Market Shopping Center, known as the technology center of Caracas, is also located here. In 2013, Revista Distorxión displayed a guitar autographed by Good Charlotte in the City Market Shopping Mall. The boulevard of Sabana Grande is also considered the main bohemian district of Caracas.

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Parroquia El Recreo, Municipio Chacao, Distrito Capital, Venezuela

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