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The C.F. and Mary Singmaster House, also known as Maplehurst Ranch, or more simply Maplehurst, is located near Keota, Iowa, United States. C.F. Singmaster, a Pennsylvania native, moved to Keokuk County with his parents in 1843 and settled near Talleyrand, south of Keota. His father Samuel established the home farm, Singmaster Ranch. The family became known for the importation and breeding of draft horses. They also had large land holdings in Iowa and Nebraska where they also raised hogs and beef cattle, and were involved in local banks as well. Samuel Singmaster bought the Maplehurst property in 1864 to expand the family's operation. At one time Maplehurst Ranch included three mansions, several horse barns, out buildings, stables, and cottages for workers. There was also a boarding house for visitors and clients to stay.

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32405, 190th Street, Keokuk County, Iowa, United States of America, 52248

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