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The Cahora Bassa Dam is located in Mozambique, a country that borders South Africa. It is one of the three major dams on the Zambezi river system, the others being the Kariba and the Itezhi-Tezhi, the latter on the Kafue River, a tributary of the Zambezi. The dam was finished in December 1974 after much political debate. This dam is used to convert the Zambezi River power into electricity by turning turbines. That energy is then sent to South African cities, farms, and mines. The Cahora Bassa dam is on the Cahora Bassa Lake which is shared between Mozambique and Portugal. Eighteen percent of the dam and lake is owned by Mozambique and eighty-two percent is owned by Portugal. The Cahora Bassa dam is the largest hydroelectric power plant in southern Africa and the most efficient power generating station in Mozambique.

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Tete, Mozambique

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