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Choquequirao (possibly from Quechua chuqi metal, k'iraw crib, cot) is an Incan site in south Peru, similar in structure and architecture to Machu Picchu. The ruins are buildings and terraces at levels above and below Sunch'u Pata, the truncated hill top. The hilltop was anciently leveled and ringed with stones to create a 30 by 50 m platform.

Choquequirao at an elevation of 3,050 metres (10,010 ft) ) is in the spurs of the Vilcabamba mountain range in the Santa Teresa district, La Convención Province of the Cusco Region. The complex is 1,800 hectares, of which 30–40% is excavated. The site overlooks the Apurimac River canyon which has an elevation of 1,450 metres (4,760 ft).

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Cusco, Peru

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