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Colico (Comasco: Còlich [ˈkɔlik] or Còlegh [ˈkɔlek]; Latin: Colicum) is a city in the province of Lecco, Lombardy, Italy. It is situated on the northern arm of Lake Como, where the river Adda enters the lake. Colico is the most important city in the northern part of Lake Como, which is often identified as its Colico branch.

Colico is a local transport hub, with boats to Como and Lecco, as well as trains and roads to Milan (via the eastern shore of the lake, Lecco and Brianza), to Chiavenna, and eastwards to Bolzano, via Passo dello Stelvio.

The Piona Abbey is located in the communal territory, in the Olgiasca peninsula.

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