About Coppermine Peninsula

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Coppermine Peninsula is the 1.7 km long, 500 m wide and rising to 105 m rugged rocky promontory forming the northwest extremity of Alfatar Peninsula and Robert Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica and lying between English Strait to the west and Carlota Cove to the east. It is linked to Alfatar Peninsula to the southeast by a narrow isthmus bounded by Carlota Cove to the north and the 1 km wide and 460 m indenting Coppermine Cove (62°22′54″S 59°41′53″W) to the south. The feature is named in association with the adjacent Coppermine Cove, a descriptive name given by sealers in about 1821 from the copper-coloured staining of the lavas and tuffs in the area.

Source From: Wikipedia