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The Caves of Drach (Catalan pronunciation: [kɔvəz ðəl ˈdɾak], modern Catalan spelling: Coves del Drac; Spanish: Cuevas del Drach; English: Caves of Drach, lit. "Dragon caves") are four great caves that are located in the island of Majorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. They are in the municipality of Manacor, near the locality of Porto Cristo. They were first mentioned in a letter dated 1338. The caves extend to a depth of 25 m and reach approximately 4 km in length. The four caves, called Black Cave, White Cave, Cave of Luis Salvador, and Cave of the French, are connected to each other.

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Carretera de les Coves, Illes Balears, Illes Balears, España, 07680

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