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Fonserannes Locks (French: écluses de Fonserannes, les neuf écluses) are a flight of staircase locks on the Canal du Midi near Béziers.

They consist of eight ovoid-shaped (characteristic of the Canal du Midi) lock chambers and nine gates, which allow boats to be raised a height of 21.5 m (71 ft) over a distance of 300 m (980 ft). The flight was originally built as an 8-rise, which together with the ninth lock (the écluse de Notre-Dame, 710 metres (0.44 mi) to the northeast) allowed boats to cross the Orb river on a level and re-enter the canal further downstream. The "nine locks" name dates from this time.

Source From: Wikipedia
Béziers, Occitanie, France, 34500

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