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Gallarate [ɡallaˈraːte] (Lombard: Galaraa) is a city and comune of Alto Milanese of Lombardy and of Milan metropolitan area, northern Italy, in the Province of Varese. It has a population of some 54 thousand people. Its name comes from Latin, in fact a lot of cities around it have the same root "rate", such as Casorate Sempione, Samarate, etc.

It is the junction of railways to Varese, Laveno and Arona (for the Simplon). Some 10 kilometres (6 miles) to the west are the electric works of Vizzola, where 23,000 hp are derived from the river Ticino. Its territory is crossed by the river Arnetta, and belongs to the Ticino River Natural Park.

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Via Campo Sportivo, VA, LOM, Italia, 21013

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