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Góra Świętej Anny (Polish pronunciation: [ˈɡura ˈɕfʲɛntɛj ˈannɨ]) or St. Anne Mountain (German: St. Annaberg; Silesian: Anaberg/Śwjynto Anna) is an inselberg in Upper Silesia, Poland, next to the community of the same name. It is the location of the Franciscan monastery with the miracuolous statue of St. Anne and the imposing calvary, which is an important destination for Roman Catholic pilgrimage. It has been a strategic location important to both German and Polish nationalists, and in 1921 it was the site of the Battle of Annaberg, commemorated in the Third Reich by the construction of a Thingstätte (Amphitheatre) and a mausoleum. The theatre remains, but the Nazi mausoleum was destroyed and replaced with a monument to those who took part in the Third Silesian Uprising.

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6, Rynek, Klasztorna, gmina Leśnica, opolskie, Polska, 47-154

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