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The House of Wickersham, also known as the Wickersham State Historic Site, is a historic house at 213 7th Street in the Chicken Ridge area of Juneau, Alaska. It is a historic house museum operated by the state of Alaska, memorializing the life of James Wickersham (1857-1939), an influential political leader in Alaska in the early 20th century. The house, a 2-1/2 story frame structure, was built in 1899 by Frank Hammond, owner of a mining company. It was purchased by Wickersham in 1928 and remained his home until his death. The house has been operated, informally at first by Wickersham's niece, as a museum since 1958. The house was purchased by the state in 1984.

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213, 7th Street, Juneau, Juneau, Alaska, United States of America, 99802

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