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Inyan Kara Mountain (Lakota: Íŋyaŋ Káǧa, Rock Gatherer ) is a mountain associated with the Bear Lodge Mountains of Crook County, Wyoming (part of the Black Hills) that is considered sacred by the Lakota people, particularly for mothers in childbirth. Inyan Kara stands apart from the main body of the Black Hills, with an elevation of 6,368 feet (1,941 m). The mountain was stated to rumble on quiet days by the local Native Americans and by early explorers. No mention of the noises are found after 1833; the noise has been attributed to gas escaping from burning coal seams.

The peak was visited by George Armstrong Custer during Custer's 1874 Black Hills Expedition, reaching the summit on July 23.

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Crook County, Wyoming, United States of America

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