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Jaluit Atoll (Marshallese: Jālwōj, [tʲælʲo̯o͡etʲ], or Jālooj, [tʲælʲe͡oː͡etʲ]) is a large coral atoll of 91 islands in the Pacific Ocean and forms a legislative district of the Ralik Chain of the Marshall Islands. Its total land area is 11.34 square kilometres (4.38 sq mi), and it encloses a lagoon with an area of 690 square kilometres (270 sq mi). Most of the land area is on the largest islet (motu) of Jaluit (10.4 km²). Jaluit is approximately 220 kilometres (140 mi) southwest of Majuro. Jaluit Atoll is a designated conservation area and Ramsar Wetland.

In 2011 the population of the islands of Jaluit Atoll was 1,788. It was the former administrative seat of the Marshall Islands.

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Jālwōj, Marshall Islands