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The Johnston Library is a historic library located at 210 W. 10th St. in Baxter Springs, Kansas. The building was constructed in 1872 to serve as a courthouse during Baxter Springs' unsuccessful attempt to become the Cherokee County seat. Though Baxter Springs had lost an election to choose the county seat in 1869 to Columbus, supporters of both cities had attempted to fraudulently swing the election in their favor, and Baxter Springs hoped it could still become county seat in the future. The building initially served as the county jail and sheriff's office until Columbus completed its jail in 1880. After this, Baxter Springs ultimately gave up its attempts to become the county seat, and the building became its city hall. In 1905, resident Niles P. Johnston bequeathed $5,000 to the city to start a library, and the city hall building was chosen to house it.

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961, Park Avenue, Baxter Springs, Cherokee County, Kansas, United States of America, 66713

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