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Legnano (Italian pronunciation: [leɲˈɲaːno]; Legnanese: Legnàn [leˈɲãː] or Lignàn) is an Italian town and comune in the north-westernmost part of the Metropolitan City of Milan, about 20 kilometres (12 mi) from central Milan. With 60,259, it is the thirteenth-most populous township in Lombardy. Legnano is located in the Alto Milanese and is crossed by the Olona river.

The history of Legnano and its municipal area has been traced back to the 1st millennium BC via archaeological evidence. Already in remote times, in fact, the hills that line the Olona proved to be habitable places. The town was established in 1261.

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2, Contrada La Flora, Via Carlo Cattaneo, MI, LOM, Italia, 20025

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