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The Lighthouse of Genoa (Italian: faro di Genova, but simply called Lanterna), is the main lighthouse for the city's port. Besides being an important aid to night navigation in the vicinity, the tower serves as a symbol and a landmark for the City of Genoa. At 249 feet (76 m) it is the world's fifth tallest lighthouse and the second tallest "traditional" one, built of masonry. Since 1543 and until the construction of the lighthouse on Île Vierge, France in 1902, it was the tallest lighthouse in the world. Considered as a whole with the natural rock on which it stands, as it is commonly perceived and represented, its height is 383 feet (117 m), making it the second tallest lighthouse in the world and the tallest in Europe and tallest "traditional" lighthouse.

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Dinegro, Genova, GE, LIG, Italia

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