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Moisés Ville (Yiddish: מאָזעסוויל‎) is a small town (comuna) in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, founded on 23 October 1889 by Eastern European and Russian Jews escaping pogroms and persecution. The original name intended for the town was Kiryat Moshe ("Town of Moses" in Hebrew) honoring Baron Maurice Moshe Hirsch, but the land agent who registered the settlement translated it to the French-like Moïsesville which was later hispanized to the current Moisés Ville. The town is located about 177 km (110 mi) from the provincial capital, in the San Cristóbal Department and 616 km (383 mi) from Buenos Aires. It had 2,572 inhabitants at the 2001 census [INDEC].

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Municipio de Moisés Ville, Sta. Fe, Argentina

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