About Old Jewish Cemetery, Wrocław

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The Old Jewish Cemetery in Wrocław is located in the southeast part of Wrocław (formerly known as Breslau), Poland, currently along Ślężna street. The first burial took place on 17 November 1856 which back then was a village of Gabitz. The current shape of the cemetery evolved mostly during the 19th century, during the German period of the city. The cemetery area was expanded twice. In 1943 the burial ceremonies were abandoned and the necropoly was leased for five years to a gardening center. During World War II, the cemetery became a fierce battleground, the marks of which are still visible on many tombstones. After 1945 it slowly turned into ruins. It was put on the list of the city's monuments in 1975.

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41, Barbara, Ślężna, Wrocław, Wrocław, dolnośląskie, Polska, 53-301

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