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Pumalín Park (Spanish: Parque Pumalín) is a 400,000 ha (988,422 acres) nature reserve in the Palena Province of Chile, created by the United States environmental foundation The Conservation Land Trust, which was endowed and led by the American business magnate Douglas Tompkins. Designated a Nature Sanctuary in 2005, Pumalín was Chile's largest private nature reserve and operated as a public-access park, with an extensive infrastructure of trails, campgrounds, and visitor centers. By an accord announced on 18 March 2017, the park was gifted to the Chilean state and consolidated with another 4,000,000 ha (9,884,215 acres) to become part of South America's largest national park.

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Chaitén, Provincia de Palena, Región de Los Lagos, Chile, 5850000

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