Beach Vacation

East Coast Beach Vacation On a Shoestring Budget

When nerves are frazzled and tempers are flaring, what do parents do to ease the stress on the homefront? Plan a holiday of course! Most times, couples with kids long to go on a beach vacation but quickly find out that they either lack the money or resources to go on a proper beach vacation. […]


Top 7 Unusual Easter Destinations

There are several spots where the traditional Easter atmosphere is totally animated by very weird um.. elements. 1. Taipei, Taiwan If you like to spend most of your time on the toilet seat, you can meet people just like you in Taipei. Here is the (in)famous “Toilet Restaurant”. The table are actually modified hot tubs, […]

Hotels in Madrid

Top 10 Budget Hotels in Madrid

Madrid is an energetic and exciting city, full of the hot blooded, passionate Spanish spirit. There are plenty of things to see and do in Madrid, from visiting the beautiful old churches to experiencing the wild nightlife in the evenings, and visitors return here year after year to sample the unique atmosphere, which is at […]

hearst castle, castle, san simeon

The Life of an Industry King: Welcome to Hearst Castle

It takes a special kind of person to command an industry – William Randolph Hearst was that kind of man. Credited with transforming the publishing world, William Hearst not only owned a newspaper publishing empire, he owned one of the most ridiculous homes known to man. Today, his home is a historic house museum and […]

Winter Storms

Winter Storms Causing Travel Chaos

One of the coldest Winter Storms in recent memory is freezing air and rail lines across the globe. All over the world airplanes are sitting on tarmacs and stranding passengers, leaving them sleeping in airports. In Europe trains cannot operate under such unprecedented levels of snow, and rail operations are halted for safety reasons. All […]

10 Cities to Visit

Top 10 Cities to Visit this coming 2022

We came up with a short list of the best cities to visit in 2022 . Istanbul It is the city which really deserves the East meets West adage. Boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants, and trendy clubs have been mushrooming in this beautiful city through the years. Visiting Istanbul provides a perfect mix of fun, culture, […]

Gila National Forest

Reach Daring Heights in the Gila Wilderness

Backpacking through the mountains of New Mexico is no easy task, but some areas are more rewarding than others. If you are in the state then the Gila Forest is a highly recommended beautiful location worth visiting. Those who are fit enough to traverse the cat walk and then hike a few miles may be […]

Why Traveling by Rail and Bus May Be More Convenient

Why Traveling by Rail and Bus May Be More Convenient

If there is one thing the US is not known for, it’s transit via bus and rail. Travel by busses and railroads is commonplace in many other developed nations, except in the US. This has changed in recent years, however. In fact, ridership for Amtrak, the United States rail system, has increased year by year […]

first class flights

Reasons Why You Should Fly First Class at Least Once

If you have ever flown on a plane coach you know how painful it can be. Your legs cramp, there isn’t enough space for anything, and it may feel a bit crowded. First class flights are usually reserved for those that can actually afford over $1,000 for a flight – not for those of us […]

Trip to Mammoth Mountain

Planning a Trip to Mammoth Mountain

While California isn’t exactly known for it’s mountains, several resorts are easily world class ski resorts – Mammoth Mountain is one of them. Situated just west of the Mammoth Lakes in Central California, Mammoth Mountain is the highest ski resort in California and is popular among winter sports enthusiasts because of it’s whopping 400 feet […]

Three Toronto Tourist Traps

Three Toronto Tourist Traps

Close to the US border, a major Canadian city, and often mistaken for the capital of Canada, Toronto is a popular destination for tourists. As always happens when a destination becomes popular, however, tourist traps have formed to accommodate the masses of tourists and squeeze cash out of them. Here are three of the biggest […]