Rich Flavor of Italian Coffee

Taste the Rich Flavor of Italian Coffee

Coffee is an important part of Italian culture, and is consumed in astonishing numbers thorough this small nation. When traveling in Italy, experiencing a Café Coffee is one of the simplest pleasures of the area. No matter where you are, you are sure to find a delicious Café nearby that can satisfy even the strongest […]

Advantages of Boutique Hotels

The Advantages of Boutique Hotels

When you talk about staying in hotels, does the thought of being in a large building with impersonal service and generic, cookie-cutter rooms tire or depress you? Many people have grown tired of hotels because they think all hotels are like this, but in fact, a boutique hotel might suit their needs! Boutique hotels are […]

Inexpensive Hotel

Finding a Great Inexpensive Hotel

Staying in an unfamiliar city, working on a budget, and trying to find a decent hotel… three factors that seem impossible to fit together. Yet, it is definitely possible to find a good hotel on a budget when you don’t know the area all that well. The first option is obviously to stay somewhere you’ve […]

Travel trailer financing

Travel trailer financing

If you cannot afford to buy a trailer for your road trip outright, then you could think about taking out finance to help you pay for your purchase and this will also enable you to afford the RV most suitable for your needs. Banks and other lenders are offering some great deals on credit loans […]

Celebrity spotting while traveling

5 Places to Spot Celebrities While Traveling

Celebrity spotting while traveling can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. Providing there are no crowds or hoards of people around, a famous person may take the time to chat with you and sign a photo or piece of paper. While most celebrities do lay low and avoid being noticed, there are some certain […]

Cheap Accommodations for Travelers

Hostels to Apartments: Four Cheap Accommodations for Travelers

Travelers these days don’t have to accept the first accommodations they find. With so much competition for your business, even if you’re traveling on a budget, you can find a range of accommodation options to suit your needs. Cheap Accommodations for Travelers 1. Hostels Once the staple accommodation for students, now hostels cater to people […]

Top Five Asian Countries

The Top Five Must-See Asian Countries

When you’re planning your next vacation, there are many destinations you can choose from. Asia is often romanticized, and sometimes thought of as homogenous. While it’s true that some countries are more or less homogenous, the different countries of this vast region have very different experiences to offer you. 1. China The host of the […]

Cheapest Christmas Flight

Tips to Find the Cheapest Christmas Flight

Christmas is all about spending quality and quantity time with the family and the people you love. Most of us are busy with our daily obligations that we do not see them much so being home for Christmas is really a must. Reality bites though as Christmas airfare is such a pain in the pockets. […]

Tokyo Disney

Tokyo Disney – Why It’s Superior to Any Theme Park

Tokyo Disney theme parks are located around the world. Most children dream of visiting these parks at some point, though many are stuck with the one in Anaheim California and Orlando Florida. These theme parks are great, but the Tokyo Disney Resort is truly a spectacular adventure that no other theme park in the world […]

Winter Storms Causing Travel Chaos

Winter Storms Causing Travel Chaos

One of the coldest winters in recent memory is freezing air and rail lines across the globe. All over the world airplanes are sitting on tarmacs and stranding passengers, leaving them sleeping in airports. In Europe trains cannot operate under such unprecedented levels of snow, and rail operations are halted for safety reasons. All of […]

Eat on Travels

What to eat on travels

When you are on travel you eat more than normally, at least this is for me. I developed from my own experience a few tips and tricks about eating -taste the local food. And not necessary the most expensive. -don’t forget your favorites food from home, or from other countries you have visited -never eat […]