Top 8 places to visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tourist Places – joints & freedom

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and also a heaven for shopping, drug addicts, gays etc. But we are going to stick to shopping for now cause you have to be advised: either get an unlimited credit card or plan your expenses extra careful. In Amsterdam you can anything, from pleasure […]

sick on a journey

How to avoid getting sick on a journey

Travelling could be a joyful experience, till you get sick on the tour. You will then feel like kicking yourself, because you did not take the necessary precautionary medicine to ensure that your journey was a good one. In many countries today, if you have to leave the country and enter another one, you need […]

Knowing London

Knowing London Like A Pro

Well, dear friends, you are not greenhorns anymore. Of course, you still don’t master the charming Cockney accent, but are not a foreigner visitor in the happy city of London. And if happens that you read some English books in the pre Internet era, there were sure some books about London. I think that no […]

Language Survival Guide for Americans

Language Survival Guide for Americans

Before you board that plane for parts unknown, it pays to spend a few hours learning as much as you can about the local laws and customs of the countries you’ll be visiting. The world may seem like a global village, but there’s a world of difference between Kalamazoo and Kazakhstan. If you first learn […]

Best Shows in Las Vegas

Best Shows in Las Vegas

Don’t Just Gamble in Las Vegas, See a Show! Millions of people every year flock to Las Vegas to gamble. Many go there with hopes of winning big and leave with empty bank accounts. While Las Vegas is a gamblers heaven, it can also be  their worst nightmare. But while Las Vegas is famous for […]