Deadliest Mountains

7 of the Deadliest Mountains across the globe

Mountain climbers take the treacherous paths of nature’s skyscrapers for the view and for some pumping of the adrenaline. But with the fun comes the danger where people risk and lose their lives. Here are some of the deadliest mountains to climb: K2 (Pakistan/China) – 28,251 ft. K2 is the second highest mountain in the […]

Best Shopping Malls

4 Best Shopping Malls to Visit

People travel for many reasons: to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, to visit friends and loved ones across the globe, and even to taste the most delicious morsels a French chef can offer. So, it is not a surprise that a select group of people can afford the luxury to travel […]

7 Amazing Mountain Terraces Used for Farming

7 Amazing Mountain Terraces Used for Farming

The concept of agriculture started spreading around the globe roughly 10,000 years ago. It was a technology that was easily adopted by those who live on flat lands. People living on hills or on mountains however had to alter the landscape in order to farm them. Most people resorted to terracing their lands. This made […]

Cheap Caracas Vacation - Caracas Trip Planner

Cheap Caracas Vacation – Caracas Trip Planner

Caracas is the capital and the largest city of Venezuela. Together with its outskirts Caracas reaches 6 millions inhabitants (they name themselves caracuenos). Nevertheless its position on the tropics, Caracas enjoys a permanent springlike climate, due to its altitude of average 900 meters. Around there are many mountains, which are the really lungs of this […]

Zion National Park: Every Hikers Dream

Zion National Park: Every Hikers Dream

Zion National Park is the oldest park in Utah. It has deep beautiful canyons, hiking trails that stun, and wonderful facilities. There are four main sections of the park that can be visited, each offering their own adventures and attractions. The first area is the Zion Canyon area. It is easily the most popular part […]

Las Vegas Vacation

A Retreat for Las Vegas Vacationers

Red Rock Canyon is a park situated just outside of the famous Las Vegas. In the event that you get bored with the city, you can take a short trip out of it to the canyon area. Red Rock Canyon is beautiful and highly protected conservation area. When in this park you cannot light fireworks […]

Tourist Destinations in Zimbabwe

Great Natural Tourist Destinations in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has been receiving a lower amount of tourism in recent years for several reasons. This is not a reason to neglect such a beautiful location with so much to offer in terms of tourism and exploration. Amongst the natural locations are various destinations that may seem out of place for anything that you would […]

Beach Resorts In Mexico

5 Best Beach Resorts In Mexico

Mexico is full of culture, delicious foods, and beautiful beaches. Some of the more famous locations aren’t the best, but still impress with their wonderful spa treatments and fashion. Here is the list of the top 5 beach resorts in Mexico! The Caminoa Real Las Hadas is one of the top beach resorts. It’s luxury […]

Top 10 Cities

Top 10 Cities to Visit

We came up with a short list of the best cities to visit in 2022. Istanbul It is the city which really deserves the East meets West adage. Boutique hotels, gourmet restaurants, and trendy clubs have been mushrooming in this beautiful city through the years. Visiting Istanbul provides a perfect mix of fun, culture, and […]

Holiday Shopping

Best Places to go Holiday Shopping

Ah, Christmas: the time of good cheer, snowmen, Santa Claus and of course, presents. Every year, we struggle to find the perfect present to give to our loved ones; and we endure long lines at the check-out counter, elbow our way through throngs of shoppers and listen to the same Christmas songs blaring on public […]

Cognac Travel Advice

Visiting the Cognac Region of France

France produces some of the best alcohol in the world, bar none. This is true with wine, champagne, and our topic today: cognac. Cognac is one of those odd gems: it’s treasured by old money and new money alike, and anyone who wishes they had money in the first place. Cognac’s position on the social […]