Stockholm Travel Guide

Did you know Stockholm, a clean city

Stockholm is everything else, but definitely not a megacity. It only has 800 000 inhabitants, and practically no industrial factories more.  80 % of the inhabitants work in IT, services, small companies. Due to this facts it is one of the cleanest worlds cities. Stockholm is a 700 years old city, lieing to the Mallarsee(sweet […]

Travel to Manila

How to Travel to Manila, Philipines

This is an Asian megacity, and is the capital of Philippines. 15 millions people call the metropolitan region Manila home,  nevertheless it is actually a mix of 15 more little cities, which are not distinct anymore. In such a megacity you can find big contrasts, making it more attractive to the tourist. Manila lies on […]

What is Los Angeles known for

Los Angeles Tour Guide | Beauty of LA

You guessed, it is Los Angeles.  150 years ago it counted 100 000 inhabitants. What is Los Angeles known for? The city was grounded by Mexicans in 1781, and passed to the USA in 1850, when was not bigger than a village/ 2000 inhabitants. Los Angeles means Angels. The insiders are Angelinos. And they are […]

Travel Guide to New York

Western New York Travel Guide

Within few years, because of the increasing greenhouse effect, Best Travel Guide to New York will lie under water! Think about it, it is really dramatic. One of the most important cities of the world will be ruined because the human activities. What do you think about it? Is there something to be done, or […]

Most beautiful waterfalls in the world

Most beautiful waterfalls in the world

Some waterfalls form in mountain environments where the erosive water force is high and stream courses may be subject to sudden and catastrophic change. In such cases, the waterfall may not be the end product of many years of water action over a region, but rather the result of relatively sudden geological processes such as […]

travel guide to sydney australia

Travel Guide to Sydney Australia

You need Travel guide to Sydney Australia?, you are in right place, 3 millions of tourists visit every year Sydney, and I think you could , and should to do so, in order to see and taste a wonderful city. Which is a big city, with over 4 millions people(Sidewinder), Australia’s most important financial and […]

how to plan a trip to taj mahal

How to Plan a Trip to Taj Mahal

How to Plan a Trip to Taj Mahal?, So, remember: you are deep in love and you decided to go during your honeymoon in the strange, fascinating and unbelievable India. Taj Mahal is in my opinion a temple of love. In other specialists opinion it is a funeral monument. Let them believe what they want, […]

Peru beaches you can do a lot of things by day

Peru beaches you can do a lot of things by day

When you are planning a beach holiday you probably don’t immediately think of Peru, but this South American country has a Pacific facing coastline of over 2,500 km, which is dotted with some of the most beautiful and exotic beachfronts in the world. For those that like the glamorous life there are a number of […]

The ultimate experience: space tourism

The ultimate experience: space tourism

Supposing you are sick of all these terrestrial adventures and travels. Supposing you are sick on the Earth and angry with the human. What to do on these circumstances? The space tourism is a solution. Book an extraterrestrial travel ! The American millionaire Daniel Dito was the space tourist from the history: he lived a […]

Top 10 things to do in Boston

Top 10 things to do in Boston

Boston, Massachusets, is really an amazing city. It is not very big (600 000 people), but one of the most visited cities worldwide with 12 000 000 visitors every year. What makes Boston so attractive to so many people? First of all, the position is very picturesque: on the Charles River, in the Suffolk County. […]