Best Shows in Las Vegas
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Best Shows in Las Vegas

Don’t Just Gamble in Las Vegas, See a Show!

Millions of people every year flock to Las Vegas to gamble. Many go there with hopes of winning big and leave with empty bank accounts. While Las Vegas is a gamblers heaven, it can also be  their worst nightmare. But while Las Vegas is famous for its strip of casinos, there is more to the city than that. In fact, most people would be amazed at how many family activities there are in the city of Las Vegas. But something that is almost as popular as the gambling is the shows. Some of the best live shows ever are performed in Las Vegas.

Interested in seeing one of the best Las Vegas shows? Who isn’t? It can’t be easy trying to decide the best Las Vegas shows because they all look so good. Between the show girls and the musicians and the magicians, well, who can decide? But some casinos offer better shows than others. Regardless, choosing the best Las Vegas shows for you really isn’t that hard. Why? Just think about what you like.

If you want comedy, find a comedy show. If you like magic, well, then find a magician. There are so many Las Vegas shows that there will definitely be something that gets your attention. Even if it comes down to something that it will take your seeing it to believe it.

The best Las Vegas shows are glamorous and, well, showy. They go all out. They want to dazzle you and make everything seem bigger, brighter and more magical. And they should, because you’re sure paying for it. The best Las Vegas shows are not cheap either. In fact, the tickets are probably not easy to even get your hands on. But if you can, no matter how expensive, it is definitely worth every penny.

Some of the best Las Vegas shows include the Cirque Du Soleil shows at Treasure Island and the Bellagio Hotels. Both shows are amazing to watch as the performers always outdo themselves in each and every performance. If you’re looking for a laugh or just some fun, you might check out Danny Ganns at the Mirage or Penn and Teller at the Rio Las Vegas. Both shows are very entertaining if you’re looking for some fun. Now, if you’re determined to see the “show girls” of Las Vegas, then Jubilee at Bally’s Hotel is a must-see for you. And, if you tend toward the more dramatic, you can catch the Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian Hotel.

Of course, while these are some of the best Las Vegas shows in town, there are others if none of these catch your fancy. Most hotels have shows and all you have to do is wander the strip and you’ll be sure to find one that interests you. But for the best Las Vegas shows, you might want to try booking early because they are in high demand, regardless of their price.

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