8 Wonderful Horseback Riding Experiences around the Globe
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8 Wonderful Horseback Riding Experiences around the Globe

Whether you’re a seasoned horseback rider or a beginner who’s on the lookout for the most scenic trails the world has to offer, it’s always good to know your stuff. Below are the ten best horseback riding packages you can find around the globe. This is a quick read that would hopefully give you a concise yet essential survey of the best deals there are today.

Kenya: Masai Mara

In Kenya, horse riders will find quite a haven in the Masai Mara trail. It’s certainly one of the more challenging and more exciting trails in our list. How can you not have any fun if you’re riding your pony alongside giraffes, zebras, and the rest of the African wildlife? This certainly beats the Land Rover tours most people get when they visit Africa.

Be prepared to rough it, though. You’ll be camping out and getting in touch with nature at its basest. Think of the stark simplicity of Hemingway’s prose. You’ll be traveling with only the basic necessities as well. You will also be in close proximity to the proud Massai community. To be able to experience their way of life even for just a few months should be very fascinating.

Italy: Tuscany

Another idyllic and romantic horseback riding experience is along the mountains of Tuscany. Stay at the Castello di Tocchi and experience the best of Sienna and Florence when you ride out into the country in the daytime. While feeling every bit like royalty in this vacation, you don’t have to worry about bearing with poor plumbing and ancient amenities. The castle has been recently renovated, and the hosts can assure you you’ll come home to modern conveniences after a tiring but exhilarating ride all day.

The food here is also quite spectacular as the castle also runs a cooking school. You will taste the best of Italian delicacies, and be treated to wine that’s been preserved with utmost care.

Mexico: Valle de Bravo

Without a doubt, Mexico has one of the most interesting terrains when it comes to horseback riding. You can’t get any wilder than when you’re spanning desert lands on a steady steed. Among the many Mexican horseback riding terrains, Valle de Bravo stands out the most. It’s not all dry land too, as you’ll be riding alongside the Valle de Bravo Lake. Beautiful certainly fits the description of this geographical feature.

Aside from the lake, you will also be riding high through the mountains surrounding Valle de Bravo. The experienced may be better suited for intermediate to advanced riders, but view of the pines of the Montezuma forest with the blue lake below as a stark background is just spectacular. You’ll probably forget that the climb is a bit challenging.

What’s more, you’ll be staying with very accommodating hosts at a charming villa if you choose this trail. The tacks here are said to be as comparably good as the trails in Europe.

India: Rajasthan

Horseback riding isn’t exclusively a Western sport. In Asia, India ranks first at one of the best riding terrains. One particular area in this vast country is Rajasthan. You get to ride Marwari horses that are known for their strength. This is an exotic tour which takes you through the numerous ancient palaces of the East. The food here is exquisite and very affordable, too. Imported spices are very expensive when you take them out of their home.

India is practically a spice haven and you’ll be keeping your taste buds very satisfied as you traverse the landscape of this exquisite place.

France: Loire Valley

When you go to France, it’s close to impossible not to feel the romance. It’s in the air too when you go horseback riding at Loire Valley. Galloping through this terrain mean a tour through castles, drawbridges and courtyards of Chaumont, Cheverny, and Chenonceau. You’d be left feeling like a knight or a princess traversing this right landscape of French culture.

What’s more, the horse riding packages here usually include a night’s stay at one of the real castles in the area. During the day, make sure that you make a trip down the tree-lined Cher Riverbanks on your way to Chenonceau. Horseback riding in autumn is both idyllic and ideal.

Argentina: Estancia

Once you’ve visited the Andes, Estancia is a good place to drop by after that. At the foot of the mountain ranges is a self-sufficient riding center, the Estancia Huechahue. This is one of the markers that horse rising still plays a vital role in the traditions of Argentina.

You’re not just getting one of the best horseback riding experiences when stay here—you’ll also witness the lifestyles of the gauchos. What better way to understand the culture than to ride with them, right? Riding packages also include trips to the Andes.

Peru: The Andes

The Andes in Peru is one of the most beautiful backdrops for film, photography, and of course, horseback riding. Imagine galloping through the ancient and sacred lands of Machu Pichu, the Inca, and Cusco. You can also go to the Peruvian Paso for spiritual experiences and hunting.

Make sure you bring your camera too because the sight of lush valleys and dramatic rock formations at the cliffs isn’t something you’ll encounter everyday—unless you already live here.

Turkey: Cappadocia

Compared to all the riding experiences we’ve mentioned so far, Capadocia, Turkey, will probably give you the best experience if you’re very interested in history. Witness the melding of Greek, early Christian, Roman and Ottoman empires all on one land. The horses here, too, are known to perform very well. The villages are very interesting, and as you head out to Istanbul, you’ll understand why it was named the most impressive of all the cities in the world.