Best Surfing Destinations
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Best Surfing Destinations

Surfing is a very popular sport these days, and there are several “legendary” locations that surfurs gather. There are certain areas that, for whatever reason, are just better for surfing, and an entire industry has been built around these legendary beaches. If you’re a surfing fanatic and would like to surf with the pros, check out the list of destinations below:

1. Waikiki, Hawaii

Wiakiki has been ranked the top surfing beach in the world by several different respected authorities, and for good reason. Located in Honalulu, Hawaii, Waikiki is almost always sunny and warm, and there is a fairly large town surrounding the beach. The waves at Waikiki have consistanty reached heights of over 20 feet, and there’s no shortage of rideable waves. Waikiki is unique in that it has areas suited for both pros and amatuers. New surfers can learn the ropes in Canoes, while experienced surfurs can rip it up at Queens.

2. Buzios, Brazil

To the inexperienced eye, Buzios looks like just another small fishing town. However, if you visit the town, you will discover that there are over 20 beaches that you can surf almost every day. While the weather and water at Buzios is generally milder than most other surfing destinations, waves there reach up to 8 feet. Plus, with so many beaches to surf, you will find it hard to ever grow bored.

3. Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

For hardcore surfing fans, there is probably no better place to be than Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. As the location of the popular Billabong Surfing Festival, Jeffrey’s Bay attracts surfers from all over the world. The waves are not quite as extreme as surfing spots in Hawaii or Florida, but waves still reach up to 8 feet. Non-surfer be warned: there is VERY little to do in Jeffrey’s Bay if you don’t surf!