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Travel Guide to Sydney Australia

You need Travel guide to Sydney Australia?, you are in right place, 3 millions of tourists visit every year Sydney, and I think you could , and should to do so, in order to see and taste a wonderful city. Which is a big city, with over 4 millions people(Sidewinder), Australia’s most important financial and industrial city.

The City of Sydney is located at 33 degrees 52 minutes South and 151 degrees 12 minutes East. Sydney Harbor forms approximately a quarter of the City’s boundaries.

Sydney annual average of sunshine is almost seven hours a day. Its temperature ranges from a moderate average winter minimum of 9 and a maximum of 16 degrees Celsius to a peak summer maximum of 26 degrees Celsius. Sydney’s rainfall totals 1183 mm a year. More than one third of this falls between March and May. The number of wet days each month averages twelve.

The City of Sydney has a diverse ethnic mix with half of its residents born overseas. Almost 30% of the resident population speaks a language other than English. Apart from English, the most common languages spoken at home are Chinese, Indonesian, Greek and Russian. The City is home to one of Sydney’s largest communities of Aboriginal peoples.

The city it is not very old, but very nice. The Sidney opera is well known for its futuristic, but functionally architecture. I rather prefer Sidney from the second decade of the twentieth century.

How would you like to discover Sydney? There are so many possibilities, according to your preferences, and budget, and so on. Tell me also what travel type are you?

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