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The Kaleshwari Group of Monuments (Gujarati: કલેશ્વરી સ્મારક સમુહ), also known as Kaleshwari-Ni Nal (Gujarati: કલેશ્વરીની નાળ), is located near Lavana village, Khanpur Taluka of Mahisagar district, Gujarat, India. It is near the district headquarters Lunavada and near a stream in Hidimba Van, the forest of Hidimba. The group includes intricately-carved temple ruins, two stepwells, a reservoir, structures with panels of erotic sculptures and idols scattered all over the site. The ruins are located at the foothills and on the hillock. They were built between the 10th and 16th century; some monuments were reconstructed after the 18th century. These are State Protected Monuments.

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Khanpur Taluka, Gujarat, India, 383345

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