About Lachuá Lake

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Lachuá Lake is a Karstic lake in Guatemala. It is located in the middle of a national park covered with tropical rain forest, northwest of Cobán, near the border between the departments of Alta Verapaz and El Quiché. The lake is near circular in shape and is probably a cenote or doline. The lake water has a slightly sulphurous smell, which may explain the origin of its name: "Lachuá" is derived from the Q'eqchi' words "la chu há" which means "the fetid water". The water contains a relatively high degree of calcite and tree branches fallen into the lake are quickly covered with a white calcite layer.

The Peyan river forms the principal water inflow and the Lachua river its main outflow.

Source From: Wikipedia
Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

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