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Punta de Manabique is a small peninsula that separates Amatique Bay from the Gulf of Honduras. It is located on Guatemala's east coast, some 20 km north of Puerto Barrios (15.933039°N 88.569088°W / 15.933039; -88.569088 (Punta de Manabique)).

The peninsula was declared a wildlife reserve in 1999. The reserve is covered with tropical rain forests and mangrove forests. The higher parts of the peninsula have mahogany (Swietenia spp.), Manilkara spp., Chrysophyllum spp., kapok (Ceiba pentandra), while manicaria palms (Manicaria saccifera), and palosangre trees (Symphonia globulifera) are found in swampy areas.

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Puerto Barrios, Izabal, Guatemala

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