Be Wary of Exotic Foods

Be Wary of Exotic Foods

One of the worst things that can happen on a vacation is food poisoning. The traveler’s sickness, some call it, can ruin a perfectly good vacation and have laid up for days or even weeks in bed. This is especially common if you are traveling to an underdeveloped country. Here are a few easy steps […]

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5 capital things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul, former Constantinopole, Tsarigrad has a lot of attractions and attractive corners for his visitors. This city is a holly city of Islam, and I noticed for you the following most attractive spots: 1. Topkapi Palace, where you can find the personal belonging of Mohammed and the first caliphs. A huge museum with many craft […]

Menton Lemon Festival France

Menton Lemon Festival France

Menton is the lowest level of administrative division in the French Republic located on the Franco-Italian border, within the confines of the Côte d’Azur and the Ligurian Alps. It is well known for its warm micro-climate favorable to lemon, tangerine, and orange groves. It was pretty popular for its Menton’s February Festival which initially started […]

Haunted Hotels

Haunted travel: Hotels only for the brave?

Looking for a little adventure when during your holidays? Getting jaded over the boring hotels you’ll be confined to when you go on your annual vacation? Well, here’s a suggestion for you: Why not take a tour or stay at one of these 5 haunted hotels featured below? One word of caution: it’s not for […]

magic city of Petra

Growth and decay of the magic city of Petra

Visiting a very old deserted city can seem meaningless to some of you, waste of time for others. But for a few fans of archaeology, history and related tourism it is a big challenge and a wonderful occasion to think! Visiting Petra, the magic city, is such a wonderful chalenge you must to take on. […]

8 places you don’t want to go

8 places you don’t want to go

I usually recommend you places I saw and found also worth for your visit. The following places I did not see, and you don’t need to see them. These are the Earth most polluted regions. Believe, you may not go there, but there are living people! Being subject to such strong pollution, they are more […]

best travel destinations in the world

Top 10 cities you must see in this life

You must have your favorites among the cities you have visited, we have list of best travel destinations in the world, among islands, among hotels. I also have my favorites in all these fields. Allow me to start with the cities I love, nevertheless I have not reported (yet) about all. I can recommend them […]