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5 capital things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul, former Constantinopole, Tsarigrad has a lot of attractions and attractive corners for his visitors.

This city is a holly city of Islam, and I noticed for you the following most attractive spots:

1. Topkapi Palace, where you can find the personal belonging of Mohammed and the first caliphs. A huge museum with many craft and art masterpieces and a special wing for the harem! In his peak years, Topkapi was a city in the city indeed, hosting 5000 people.

2. Hagia Sofia, or Aya Sofia for the Istanbulites, was first a church, than a mosque and now is a very interesting museum. It is huge, but nevertheless harmonic, and has been for a millennium world’s biggest cathedral.

3.Blue Mosque, also named the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, has wonderful blue tiles

4. Galata Tower. Also called the Jesus Tower, was build by the genovese and offers a breathtaking city panoramic view. You have there up a restaurant and a cafe.

5.Shipcruise on the Golden Horn, watching the traditional waterfront houses.

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