8 places you don’t want to go
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8 places you don’t want to go

I usually recommend you places I saw and found also worth for your visit. The following places I did not see, and you don’t need to see them. These are the Earth most polluted regions. Believe, you may not go there, but there are living people! Being subject to such strong pollution, they are more often ill, live less etc.

If you think to megacities as New York, Tokyo, Mexico City you are wrong! These megacities became environmental friendly and aware, it is not so bad living there. Keep in mind the following places and avoid them:

1. Chernobyl,Russia. It was the center of the worse accident in a nuclear plant up to now, which affected large areas in Ukraina, Belarus, and Russia. Radioactivity caused many genetic disasters.

2.La Oroya, Peru, the centre of peruvian mining since 1930. Peru gets there lead, copper,silver etc.

3.Vapi,India. The chemical wastes have been deposited simply under the sky, infesting air, soil and water.

4.Tianying, China, in the Anhui province, where the lead is gained.

5.Kabwe,Zambia. Lead is again the source of pollution

6.Sumayit, Azerbaidjan. A former very important soviet chemical city(I mean, a city with many chemical plants)

7.Dzerjinsk, Russia. This is really the most polluted world’s city, as the place where, during the cold war, was obtained sarin, a deadly fighting gas. The life expectation is here 42 years  for a man, and 47 years for a woman!

8. Linfen, China. 4 millions people are affected of a severe air pollution, due to the coal explotation and coal central. People cannot go outdoors without mask. Sad, but true.

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