Affinia Hotel Does its Magic Down the South Beach

Affinia Hotel Does its Magic Down the South Beach

Whatever happened to Royal Palm in the South Beach? For many years (since 2007 to be exact), the hotel has been off the limelight, there were actually suspicions that it was no longer operating. Today, it shows signs of rising from obscurity as Affinia Hotels promises to take over it in 2012. That’s certainly good […]

Bahamas Hotels

Choosing the Best Bahamas Hotels

The Bahamas is a great place to go with gorgeous white beaches and vibrant blue water. And it’s definitely fun for a weekend getaway. It’s a great place to go to rejuvenate your system. There’s so much you can do on a quick weekend run to the Bahamas. Like water sports, laying around on the […]

Hotels in Cairo

Best Cheap Hotels in Cairo

Cairo is a hectic city, with busy traffic and crowded streets, and the weather in the summer can get very hot and uncomfortable. However this is the capital of Egypt, and full of some of the countries greatest treasures, from the iconic pyramids of Giza to the historic wonders displayed in the Cairo Museum, which […]

Honeymoon Hotels

Best Honeymoon Hotels for the 2021 newly weds

After exchanging vows, you might want to treat your partner to a nice overnight or maybe weeklong stay in one of the best honeymoon hotels. It is the time to be sexy and spend some intimate times so you get to celebrate the lifetime you have ahead of you. There are honeymoon hotels which will […]

Manhattan highlights – The Hotel Lucerne

Manhattan highlights – The Hotel Lucerne

Manhattan is a lively part of New York City, famous for its chic, sophisticated urban lifestyle and makes an excellent base from which to explore the rest of this amazing city. The Hotel Lucerne offers luxurious accommodation in the heart of one of Manhattan’s most sought after areas, the Upper West Side, and has a wonderful European […]

Amsterdam Hotels

A Guide to Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam is a rather intriguing place. It is a compact city that is highly likeable for tourists to visit. Amsterdam does not offer the buzz of the cityscapes or the busy cheerful scenes of a summer holiday venue. Rather, its main attraction is the bars and clubs that offer a place for tourists to relax, […]