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Choosing the Best Bahamas Hotels

The Bahamas is a great place to go with gorgeous white beaches and vibrant blue water. And it’s definitely fun for a weekend getaway. It’s a great place to go to rejuvenate your system. There’s so much you can do on a quick weekend run to the Bahamas. Like water sports, laying around on the beach, taking in a show or even gambling at the casinos.

If you’re going for a quick getaway, does it matter which of the Bahamas hotels you choose to stay at? That depends on what you want to get out of your stay. If you’re planning on going for just a quick getaway then you might not care which of the Bahamas hotels that you end up in. Of course, there are deals where you can get a great price for both air fare and a hotel stay. That could be right up your alley.

But if you’re looking to go and stay for a least a week in the Bahamas, then you might want to stay in a Bahamas hotel that offers more than just a place to fall asleep every night. While the Bahamas hotels are geared more towards the people that appreciate pampering and are willing to pay for it, there are a few great Bahamas hotels that offer some great rates along with some great service. Two such hotels are the Dundee Bay Villas and the Bell Channel Inn.

Some of the nicer hotels that will pamper you to your heart’s content are Paradise Island Harbour Resort, which is an all inclusive so the price isn’t too bad, but it is one of the nicer hotels. Another is Atlantis on Paradise Island. This resort offers more than thirty pools, a health spa, activities for children as well as a casino. So if this is the kind of entertainment you’re looking to have for a weekend, it’s well worth the trip. Of course, if you want to go really extravagant, you can rent a private island, Musha Cay at Copperfield Bay, for a weekend. But the privacy better be well worth it because it will definitely cost you.

There are hotels that fall between the two extremes of discount and earth shatteringly expensive so if neither end fills the needs your looking for you can always find a middle ground. After all, it’s about the vacation and having fun and where you stay is only reflects a small portion of where you stay…unless you’re looking for an all inclusive resort.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the Bahamas to enjoy some snorkeling or diving. It doesn’t matter if you just want to catch some rays by day and gamble by night. Maybe you just want to mosey on down there for a spa treatment before you have to go back to work on Monday. Why not? If that’s what it takes to fight off burn out and take care of yourself, then by all means do it.

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