Hotel Astoria in the heart of San Sebastian, Spain
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Hotel Astoria in the heart of San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian in Spain is knowsas one of the heavens of food lovers which offers a wide variety of palate pleasures. The city by the sea has also been famous for the San Sebastian Film Festival since the 1950’s.

In the center of San Sebastian, Astoria 7 has 102 rooms named after film greats from all generations ready to cater for local and foreign travelers. A big sign asking visitors which star will be joining you tonight can be found on the front desk of the Astoria 7. There is also a rectangular logo appearing to be the director’s hands trying to frame a shot.

The cinema theme of Astoria7 is very close to the heart and soul of the locals. The young hotel is constructed on the old location of the Astoria 7, the first multi-screen cinema in San Sebastian.

Perfect location

The Astoria 7 is just a block away from the main bus terminal of San Sebastian. If you enjoy strolling around, Astoria7 is a 20-minute walk from the Old Town or Parte Vieja where you can find the best tapas. Head on the opposite direction and you will be led to an amazing stretch coastline. The neighborhood gives a perfect blend of residential atmosphere and urban life style. The Astoria 7 is also very close to shops along Calle Reyes Catolicos and the Urumea River.


The air of the 1950’s dominates the feel of the double standard rooms. There are mock Danish side tables, modernist chair, and headboard. One can not miss a big poster of Orson Welles with a mini biography in Spanish and a bedside picture of the young Welles placed on the bedside. Despite the old feel of the rooms there is of course the ever essential Wi-Fi.


There is really nothing extraordinary about the bathroom. There are two-shower heads in the European inspired set up. You have the overhead and handheld showers which you can enjoy with the Yves Rocher shampoo, conditioner, and body cream. If you think you need some more toiletries you can be assured that the hotel will be more than willing to bring it to you.


If you enjoy books and great sofas, you will enjoy the library on the ground floor as well as the modernist Italian-style sofas. A cafeteria also offers a buffet of delectable Spanish breakfast. Enjoy the fresh fruits, eggs, hams, and toast.

Room Service

You can only avail of the room service between 7:00 and 10:45 p.m. considered to be the early dinner time in Spain. You can expect your meal to be delivered in just about 15 minutes. Enjoy the poached eggs, soup, grilled vegetables, and fruits. You can enjoy a good meal for about 16 Euros.


The Astoria 7 is a great place to enjoy your summer or film festival in San Sebastian. During these times, the beds are pretty much occupied everywhere you go. You can get a double for about 160 Euros. The big posters of the movie world complete your holiday getaway in San Sebastian.

You can find the Astoria 7 at Sagrada Familia 1, San Sebastian. You can inquire through 34-943-445-000.

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