A strategy for green tourism
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A strategy for green tourism

Think, all of us are aware now, that noone can say I have nothing to do with climate change. Whether tourist, or not, we are all very enquired and very puzzled. What can we do against, how shall we act.

A solution is represented by are the National Parks. The oldest  are 100 years old. During the last years in Europe appeared a NGO called Europarcs, aiming to promote the protected areas and helping the administration of the National Parcs to improve their management.

The idea is brillant, and is exactly what we need world wide. Europarc was supported by the EU and also by private donations, and its activity was very succesful.

Europarc organized its last General Assembly in Poiana Brasov, Romania. Maybe because Romania is still sheltering many wild animals as wolves, bears etc, which are already extincted in the rest of our continent. Maybe Europe must learn a lot of things from Romania!

The logistics was very impressive, 300 participants in Hotel Alpin from Poiana Brasov, workshops, translations etc. And unfortunately this brave organization was not able to draw a budget for the next year.

They issued even a Charta of the sustainable tourism, which is very important for the years to come for promoting tourism in the protected areas.

We must wish them good luck and support them.

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