Things to do in Warsaw

Things to do in Warsaw

Having wonderful things to indulge in, on your visit to Poland’s capital Warsaw, is the best way to enjoying your stay in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Finding out what to do is quite simple, and at the end you know you have had an accomplished tour and vacation in this historic city. Do […]

Caribbean Vacations in Martinique

Caribbean Vacations – Martinique

The Caribbean is a great destination, with tropical climates, beautiful sandy beaches and sparkling turquoise waters, and there are plenty of beautiful hotels and resorts spread across the islands. Caribbean Vacations in Martinique is one of the most popular of the east Caribbean Islands, and has a stunning landscape of stunning volcanic mountain ranges, tropical […]

Attractions In Prague

Attractions In Prague

Nestled in the central Bohemia, there is nowhere for a good vacation like Prague. As the capital city of the Czech Republic, you know it is bound to be a center of bustling activity, and of amazing sights from one end to another. But it is the many attractions that draw the many tourists annually, […]

Honeymoon Hotels

Best Honeymoon Hotels for the 2021 newly weds

After exchanging vows, you might want to treat your partner to a nice overnight or maybe weeklong stay in one of the best honeymoon hotels. It is the time to be sexy and spend some intimate times so you get to celebrate the lifetime you have ahead of you. There are honeymoon hotels which will […]

Sleep On Ice

Sleep On Ice

Imagine a hotel built from snow and ice by artists.  The rooms are beautiful and  icy and cold.  You sleep in a warm thermal sleeping bag on a bed made of a block of ice topped by a thick mattress and  reindeer skins.   You could be in a simple snow room, or in a room […]

10 Best dive

10 Best dive sites around the globe

This post is for those who want to explore the waters to meet the sea’s interesting creatures or simply feel the thrill of diving into the deep. Here are some of the best dive sites that we know of: Thailand There are several excellend dive spots in Thailand. Arrange a dive at the Andaman Sea […]

Cheap Caracas Vacation - Caracas Trip Planner

Cheap Caracas Vacation – Caracas Trip Planner

Caracas is the capital and the largest city of Venezuela. Together with its outskirts Caracas reaches 6 millions inhabitants (they name themselves caracuenos). Nevertheless its position on the tropics, Caracas enjoys a permanent springlike climate, due to its altitude of average 900 meters. Around there are many mountains, which are the really lungs of this […]

Holiday Shopping

Best Places to go Holiday Shopping

Ah, Christmas: the time of good cheer, snowmen, Santa Claus and of course, presents. Every year, we struggle to find the perfect present to give to our loved ones; and we endure long lines at the check-out counter, elbow our way through throngs of shoppers and listen to the same Christmas songs blaring on public […]

best travel destinations in the world

Top 10 cities you must see in this life

You must have your favorites among the cities you have visited, we have list of best travel destinations in the world, among islands, among hotels. I also have my favorites in all these fields. Allow me to start with the cities I love, nevertheless I have not reported (yet) about all. I can recommend them […]