Rich Flavor of Italian Coffee
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Taste the Rich Flavor of Italian Coffee

Coffee is an important part of Italian culture, and is consumed in astonishing numbers thorough this small nation. When traveling in Italy, experiencing a Café Coffee is one of the simplest pleasures of the area. No matter where you are, you are sure to find a delicious Café nearby that can satisfy even the strongest of cravings for delicious pure coffee. Tips for Ordering Coffee in Italy

One of the most important things to remember when ordering coffee is that it will be expensive. Italians pride themselves on serving the highest quality coffee you can imagine. The beans are expertly roasted and brewed to perfection. So a cup of coffee here can cost around $20 or more. It seems shocking but once you taste a sip of its delectable steamy flavor – you will quickly understand.

Espresso is a quick coffee that is designed to be swallowed very quickly. It has a strong rich and velvety taste, and should be gulped in 2-3 drinks. Espresso drinks are only 3 ounces. A Doppio is a double espresso and very strong. Caffe Americano is a coffee that uses more water, so you can expect it to be weak. Macchiato is a special type that is topped with lovely cream, usually in a perfect swirl. There are a number of other types of coffee that can be ordered. Never ask for a cappuccino after 11am, you will be laughed out of the store. If you are traveling to Italy in search of the best coffee, then always be wary of how to properly order a good cup of coffee.

Some of the most popular Café’s in Italy are: In Rome – Greco and Aragno

The Greco Café is an elegant café where poets like Shelley once sat and wrote masterpieces. The coffee served at the bar is very cheap, but if you plan to sit down then expect a much higher bill. People who have been here understand that no other Café in the world can compare! In Napoli – Gambrinus

This café doesn’t sell just impeccable coffee, but it also sells delicious pastries. Many people claim that this café offers the best pastries in Italy. Gambrinus is highly regarded as one of the most elegant and extravagant Cafes in the country. It is expensive, but worth every penny!

There are definitely plenty other restaurants and classic Cafes that offer superior service and foods. It isn’t uncommon to find one randomly and discover that it does indeed serve the best that any place can offer. Before arriving to one of these Cafes it is best to reserve a spot or at least leave early. Avoid cafes that are pushy and have rude hosts. If someone is being rude – just leave immediately. You simply do not need to put up with bad attitudes for the sake of an Italian coffee! Last but not least, always be sure to enjoy the rich flavors of the most premium Italian coffee available! It is not something you want to skip.

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