Three Toronto Tourist Traps
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Three Toronto Tourist Traps

Close to the US border, a major Canadian city, and often mistaken for the capital of Canada, Toronto is a popular destination for tourists. As always happens when a destination becomes popular, however, tourist traps have formed to accommodate the masses of tourists and squeeze cash out of them. Here are three of the biggest tourist traps in Toronto.

1. CN Tower

It can be a tempting place to visit, since it looms above the Toronto waterfront and downtown skyline. The only reason the CN tower is a good visit is the great view of the surroundings you can get from it, and the glass floor. If you feel the need to waste $20 or more to stand in a building, make sure you show a Hostelling International card for a discount, at least!

2. Canada’s Wonderland

Another expensive attraction (cheaper tickets are available at Shopper’s Drug Mart or online), Canada’s Wonderland is only worth it if you spend an entire day here. A less expensive and faster alternative that’s also closer to downtown is Toronto Island’s Centreville. The food is very expensive, so if you go, make sure you bring your own bottled water and snacks. Avoid weekend afternoons if possible, as the lineups of teens and tweens seem endless. It used to be a great park, but just isn’t as good anymore.

3. The Eaton Centre

The fuss made over this mall seems a little unreasonable once you’ve actually been there. It can be impressive if you’re from a smaller town or haven’t been to many malls, but the thrill soon wears off: prices are more expensive, and the mall gets crowded with tourists. The Eaton Centre is still a fun place to look around, but do your shopping at the smaller, independent stores along Queen Street or other areas nearby.

Make sure you avoid these Toronto tourist traps; don’t listen to the hyped-up tourist brochures, and you can have a great vacation exploring lesser-known spots in Toronto!

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