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Cheap Caracas Vacation – Caracas Trip Planner

Caracas is the capital and the largest city of Venezuela. Together with its outskirts Caracas reaches 6 millions inhabitants (they name themselves caracuenos).

Nevertheless its position on the tropics, Caracas enjoys a permanent springlike climate, due to its altitude of average 900 meters. Around there are many mountains, which are the really lungs of this wonderful city. Cerro de Avila separates Caracas from the Atlantic Ocean. On the other side, thes Andes!

Central Park from Varacas and the Twin Towers

Central Park from Varacas and the Twin Towers

Venezuela is a wealthy country due to its oil reserves, and this wealth is special visible in Caracas. Large boulevards (or Avenidas, as the Spanish say), skyscrapers, banks, fine dining restaurants are scattered all over the city, which preserves nevertheless in some neighborhood a colonial flavor. Visit for example the house of Simon Bolivar, the hero and Liberator of all Latin America, and you will be convinced about that. Unfortunately, there are also poor neighborhoods, similar with favelas from Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paolo. Despite them, the political jackal Hugo Chaves, an autocratic Venezuelan presidents since 10 years, makes impressive propagandistic gesture: Caracas helps commuters of London through special oil prices! Really unbelievable, but true!

Caracas by night

Caracas by night

Caracas was grounded 400 years ago by a spanish conquistador of course, under the name of  Santiago de Leon de Caracas, and offers nowadays some fine museums of Arts and Modern Arts and many other entertainment posibilities. Isla Margarita is not very far from Caracas, many caracuenos fly there on weekends.

Amazing in Caracas for a male is the beauty of the caracuenas, the women from Caracas. Caracas, and Venezuela, have some of the most beautiful women in the world. They won so many titles by Miss World, Miss Universe etc. If any one knows an explanation for this fact, please let me know it! Maybe is something in the air, or in the nutrition which is very good for that! Evey year the beautiful contest are among the most important media events in Caracas, and if the final result at the international contest is not satisfying, everybody suffers, asking the most delicate questions about their beauties.

Climbing the mountain Cero de Avilla offers a wonderful city picture. The surrounding mountains with their forest are the lungs of Caracas. Amazing in this big city with many factories is the air quality. I felt no smog during my week in Caracas.

So there are so many things to do and to discover in Caracas, you’d better take your backpack and go. You will observe the magic culture mix of the city: there are Germans, Mexicans, Peruvians, Spanish, Italians and every of these groups has its own neighborhood, where you can find of course representative restaurants and dishes of that nation. Take the normal care in Caracas when being in a stranger city: the criminality rate is very high! But Caracas worths to be visited, at any price!

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