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Sleep On Ice

Sleep On Ice
Photo by Tom Corser Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 England & Wales (UK) Licence:

Imagine a hotel built from snow and ice by artists.  The rooms are beautiful and  icy and cold.  You sleep in a warm thermal sleeping bag on a bed made of a block of ice topped by a thick mattress and  reindeer skins.   You could be in a simple snow room, or in a room filled with ice sculptures. You are at the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

Located 200km above the artic circle ICEHOTEL is literally at the top of the world.    It seems distant and remote, however it is easy to get to with the nearest airport and train station only 15km away in the town of Kiruna.  From year to year the ICEHOTEL is never the same.  Every year artists from around the globe come to build and sculpt the beautiful hotel, only to see it melt away come spring.

There is more to do than just sleep on ice, becaues the ICEHOTEL is all about ice there are many other icy experiences waiting for you.  Before you retire to your ice room you could visit the ice bar.  Here your lips will leave impressions on your glass, as it is made from ice, just like the sculptures that surround you.

If you would like a setting for your wedding that seems almost unreal you could get married in the Ice Church. Beautiful ice sculptures fill the space which is both surreal and sacred.

For those who prefer to sleep warm, there are also warm rooms available.  The restaurant is also heated, and not made of ice, however many of the serving dishes are!

If sleeping on ice is not enough of an adventure for you there are plenty of other unique experiences at the ICEHOUSE.

Drive a car on a track made of ice.  Travel by dogsled to a wilderness camp.  Or travel by horseback to view the northern lights.

And then, inspired by the beautiful ice sculptures around you, create your own sculpture from ice, that will melt away in the spring.

The ICEHOTEL is open from December 10, 2009 to April 18, 2010.  The hotel opens in phases, so from December 10 – 30 parts of the hotel are still being built.

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