Attractions In Prague
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Attractions In Prague

Nestled in the central Bohemia, there is nowhere for a good vacation like Prague. As the capital city of the Czech Republic, you know it is bound to be a center of bustling activity, and of amazing sights from one end to another. But it is the many attractions that draw the many tourists annually, from every corner of the globe.

No matter what you are interested in, and what you are looking for in a travel destination, Prague has everything you need to provide ample entertainment for your perfect vacation. From historical sites, to modern marvels, if you are looking for excitement, culture, history, and fun, this is the place for you. Here is a list of some of the best Prague attractions, each one offering a unique experience for any traveler.

* Museum of Communism

Perhaps not the cheeriest of places, the Museum of Communism is still one of the most fascinating attractions in Prague. Using displays of genuine artifacts, it gives an accurate portrayal of the buff of locals under the rule of the Soviet Union (remember the Spring of Prague and the ‘68 Resistance?). If you are a history buff, or just want to learn more about the effects of that era on the average citizen, this collection of photos, statues, reading materials, and other Communist objects is sure to provide the learning experience you are seeking.

* Prague Zoo

Catering to over a million guests a year, the Prague Zoo is still one of the less visited areas by tourists when they enter the city, which is unfortunate. With so much to do within Prague, it’s easy to overlook this fantastic animal habitat, which features well over 5000 animals. With tigers, elephants, penguins, monkeys, and more, this is an especially great place to take children, who will fall in love with the nearly 700 species of creatures located within the walls of this zoo.

* Sea World

While not the ‘Seaworld‘ many are used to, this enormous aquarium is impressive, nonetheless. Containing hundreds of exotic fish, sharks, and other marine life, this is a great place to get acquainted with what really lurks under the sea. You and your family will love the dimly lit atmosphere of the massive tanks, where the only light comes from the habitats themselves, creating a moody, relaxing environment, as you learn about the many aquatic species from all over the world that are housed here.

* Charles Bridge

Considered a hot spot for local, and tourist, couples alike, this bridge has a popular romantic reputation that makes it a great place for a walk with that special someone. But more then that, it has historical significance, having been built in the mid-1300’s, after a commission by King Charles IV. Covered in statues that show the Catholic influences of Prague’s history, it’s a stunning place to spend your time, just taking in the decorations, and enjoying the view of the skyline.

* Dancing House

One of the more interesting modern building in Prague, this strange structure has a unique, curving design which creates the illusion that the two connected buildings are dancing, crushing them together to create an amazing effect. Built as a joint effort by Prague architect Vlado Milunc, and American-born Frank O’Gehry, this glass-faced building contains one of the regions most famous restaurants, the La Perle de Prague. Offering fantastic French cuisine, you can enjoy a lovely meal in a casual environment, all while enjoying the view provided by the buildings strange contours, which create an interesting look from within the building. You will like: Prague Vacation Best Attractions In Ireland Weirdest Attractions In Washington State Best Art Museums Best Attractions In Spain

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