10 things to do in Berlin
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10 things to do in Berlin

Berlin is waiting for you, and I am sure this city worth your visit, you will not be disappointed. If you plan to visit Berlin, bear in mind these little things listed below!

Here are the things to do in Berlin:

  1. Berlin Zoo (Berliner Tiergarten) is Europe’s biggest Zoo and got very famous once again through the birth of Knut, a polar bear cube. Knut became a media star and was very beloved.
  2. East Side Gallery. These are nothing more than graffiti paintings on the remaining of the Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer), made by artists from 21 countries. It is a liberation cry!
  3. The paintings Gallery (Gemaeldegallerie). Located in Potsdamer Platz, it offers the world’s Rembrandt’s biggest collection.
  4. Potsdamer Platz. watch it, is a wonderful square. Take some shots, and think a little on its photo from 1945, after the fall of Berlin!
  5. Checkpoint Charlie. Here you could pass officially from the East to the West Berlin during the cold war. Unofficially, you could climb the wall anywhere, jeopardizing your life. You could experience it by crossing the border, but today there is no danger anymore. You can also hear a lot of escape stories (some of them ended dramatically)
  6. Reichstag, the symbol of democratic parliamentary power, which was rebuilt after the war, having a glass dome. From that dome, any visitor can watch the Parliament works.
  7.  Schloss Charlottenburg. A magnificent baroque Prussian royal palace. City’s biggest palace. Rebuild after the WWII.
  8. Jewish Museum. The jews live in Germany for 2000 years. With the exception of the Adolf Hitler regime, the relations were peaceful. Visiting the museum, you will understand that the Germans are not Jewish killers…not anymore.
  9.  Berlin hinterland, consisting of forests, lakes, and beaches. There is a long tradition of swimming naked, so you must be very careful.
  10.  Pergamon Museum, one of the world’s best history museums. One of the most important pieces is the rebuilt Ishtar Gate from ancient Babylon.

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