The hidden secrets of Costa Brava
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The hidden secrets of Costa Brava

On Costa Brava, there are a lot of resorts, and the best known is Lloret del Mar. If you want to know more about these magnificent places, read further.

During the 50 s the former Spanish dictator Franco was looking for new sources of income. He had the brilliant idea to build some resorts on the Costa Brava (the wild coast). The success was immediate, and still lasts today: the tourists came and continue to come!

Lloret del Mar is a small town with 40 000 inhabitants. In summer come, other 200 000 tourists, as the offer is very wide and generous, for all ages and budgets! All Costa Brava looks fabulous: you encounter very often little golfs with hidden beaches, and also wide cool forests.

In the daytime you can relax under the sun, preparing for the night’s wild parties. Do not miss:

  • sailing on the Mediterranean Sea, snorkeling, and bathing. It lasts 4 hours and costs 40 euros.
  • Barcelona, a wonderful city only 70 km away from.
  • the Montserrat Monastery, which is isolated and impressive throughout its history (it was built deep in the mountains, where appeared a black statue of Mary with the baby).
  • drink sangria, tastes delicious! my favorite was the orange and the strawberry sangria.
  • eat paella with sea fruits.
  • the Marineland from Pallafols for your children, as the sea Zoo. A ticket is 21 euros for adults and 15 euros for children up to 3 years.

But Costa Brava does not mean only Lloret del Mar. It also means Calella and Santa Susana, some new locations. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time in Lloret del Mar.

But, there is another magical place on Costa Brava, if you are an artistCadaques, the favorite place of Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro. There is also a rich museum with paintings of these world masters here.

Do not postpone your trip to Costa Brava. Leave now, you will never regret it!

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