Top 5 Sailing Destinations
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Top 5 Sailing Destinations

If you love the waters and plan to go an adventure trip with your buddies, sailing is an activity which can provide the adrenalin rush and the calm when you enjoy the seascape. Pack your clothes. Check out the boats. And lets head to some of the best sailing destinations:


Going to archipelago of Zanzibar just near Tanzania is like travelling back in time and visiting the old kingdoms of the Persian world. Imagine the scents, and sounds, and the festivities. Feel the vibrance of Africa as you go to the Stone Town where most travllers arrive. The Spice Island can offer you scenic turquoise waters as you sail on an old Arabic vessel. You can also arrange for some snorkerling and diving.

Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands in New Zealand boasts of the highest ratio of boat ownership and may be because of this, people from this corner of the globe have been winning sailing cups for quite some time now. The coast is stunning in this portion of New Zealand known as the Winterless North. Aside from sailing, you can arrange a close encounter with the beautiful dolphins. Make sure you get that quiet time under the sun on the beach after all your adventure activities.

French Riviera

Monaco, Cannes, Nice, and Saint Tropez. The French Riviera is all about luxury, glitz, glamor, yachts, gossips, and scandals. In case you do not have a rock star friend, a friend with royalty flowing in his veins, or maybe a Hollywood big star,or maybe loads and loads of money then it might be next to impossible to enjoy the French Riviera. Partly true, partly not. Upi can go to Cannes or Antibes and hire some sails. It will not be a fancy yacht but the world will be complete with your caviar and champagne.

Greek Islands

It must be the history. It must be the myths. These among other reasons make the more than 1400 islands in the Ioanian and Aegian Seas magnet to travellers. Add to that 10 months of sunshine. If you are planning to explore the islands, there is no better way than by sailing. Make some stops for some octopus or maybe a time out by a secluded pool or party by the beach. Among the most popular islands include Santorini, Corfu, Skorpios, Mykonos, and Lefkada. Don’t forget to ask the locals about the winds.

Galapagos Islands

You might have heard about the Galapagos Islands if you have heard about Charles Darwin. This volcanic islands boasts of great wild life aside from the beautiful waters around it. A week long getaway is ideal to make most of Galapagos. You can go on board yachts or boats and go diving or snorkerling. Or you can also visit the Attenborough and checkout the iguanas, sea lions, giant tortoises, and a lot of birds. Make sure though that you only leave foot steps and take pictures in this wonderful island where nature shows its beauty.

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