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Explore the Rich Culture of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is another one of those gorgeous places that many people forget about and simply bypass. It is full of life and culture, as well as bright colors and foods. Sri Lanka is a small island off the coast of India, and has a warm tropical climate. The beaches are beautiful and the weather is usually sunny but humid. In the summer months you can expect Sri Lanka to be quite hot.

The religion in Sri Lanka is important to their culture and lifestyles. There are three main religions that are practiced here. They include Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. Buddhism here is very important, and one of the most dominant religions in Sri Lanka. There are a number of temples and monuments dedicated to the religion. If you visit Sri Lanka you must see the “Temple of the Tooth.” The building is stunning and the relics and history behind the temple are breath taking.

For Hinduism you can explore a number of temples and buildings. These are extremely artistic and also quite breathtaking. They are all over the cities and regions, so it’s hard to miss one of these Hindu temples. For Islam there are a number of mosque’s that were built with impeccable skill and precision.

The rich traditional foods of Sri Lanka are also worth tasting. There are so many local dishes that are exclusive to the country. They generally contain a small amount of meat (such as eggs), rice, and vegetables. Many Sri Lanka dishes are spicy and well seasoned. Let your taste buds explore the exotic flavors of Sri Lanka!

There are numerous festivals that are held each year in Sri Lanka. Depending on when you visit you can see some of them or maybe just one. These festivals celebrate everything from life, to religions. The grand festival of Esala is an important cultural festival that many people recognize from around the world.

Cinema and Music are also a large part of the fun you can have in Sri Lanka. There are a number of entertainment venues that show plays and performances around the year. In addition to plenty of live entertainment, there certainly isn’t a shortage on wonderful restaurants and fun exhibits.

If you have never seen elephants in a natural habitat, then Sri Lanka is the place to be. There are special national reserves where you can see wild elephants in their normal environment. Likewise, you can also ride elephants in certain places. Diving, snorkeling, and other water sports are also popular activities in Sri Lanka that anyone can enjoy. The stunning beaches are elegant and high class in some areas, so be prepared to be stunned.Outdoor activities are one of the best ways to fully enjoy the beauty that Sri Lanka has available to everyone.

Once you have filled your day with activities and adventure, rest at one of the luxury hotels. Depending on if you stay on mainland or on a coast, you have a number of affordable options!

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